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Kenya Gordon Davenport, Esq.

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Kenya has built her career by garnering the skills necessary to help people in every walk of life.  She has significant experience in education, finance, and law.
Kenya began her professional career as an Algebra teacher in Memphis City Schools.  She was a very respected and skilled teacher, and her students often outperformed other students in state standardized test areas.  While teaching, Kenya assisted clients in purchasing residental real property as a licensed Afiliate Real Estate Broker.  
After five years of classroom experience, Kenya moved on to financial advising with Edward Jones, Co.  She developed a network of clients by helping them meet their financial goals with appropriate financial products.  
With education and finance experience under her belt,  Kenya set her sights on becoming a successful lawyer.  She graduated from law school with honors and sat for two bar exams in one season, passing both on the first sitting.
Kenya's legal experience includes:
  • representing individual and class plaintiffs against banking institutions and credit card companies for violation of state and federal law;
  • representing individual and class plaintiffs on appeal to the Arkansas Supreme Court;
  • researching principles of law for civil and criminal matters;
  • drafting state and federal orders;
  • providing decision recommendations to trial court judges;
  • researching and drafting legislation to address consumer protection needs; and
  • developing political mock-ups for targeted legislative goals for an education trade union. 
Undoubtedly, Kenya is a capable and skilled attorney, but it is her commitment to helping people that makes her the best attorney for her clients.  She is committed to providing all of her clients with skilled representation that aids them in accomplishing their goals and defending their matters.
     And that is why it matters. . .

  • Juris Doctorate with Honors
           University of Arkansas at Little Rock
William H. Bowen School of Law,
Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Master's of Arts in Education with Honors
          ​ Christian Brothers University,
Memphis, Tennessee
  • Bachelor's of Science in Political Science
​           Tennessee State University,  
Nashville, Tennessee
Law Licenses
  • Arkansas 2011
  • Tennessee 2011
  • U.S. District Court for the Eastern  and
           Western Districts of Arkansas 2012
Professional Memberships
  • Arkansas Bar Association
​          House of Delegates Member
          Leadership Academy Class of 2013
  • W. Harold Flowers Law Society
          ​Student Association Liaison
  • William H. Bowen School of Law
Alumni Board

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